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(2020-2021 Academic Year)



        1. Those who are studying or graduating from a school equivalent to Turkish high schools,

        2. The applications of the candidates who get the base score and above from the following exams will be accepted.



a) Provided that they are in the last year of high school or graduated;

1) Foreign nationals,

2) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth but lost Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission to renounce Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Interior, and those who document that they have a blue card given upon their request, (According to 5901 Article 7 of the Law on Turkish Citizenship "(1) children born in or out of Turkey born in lawful wedlock of a Turkish citizen mother or father is a Turkish citizen." Candidates who will apply for admission quotas from abroad should examine the Turkish Citizenship Law.)
3) T.R. citizenship acquired later while being a foreign national / dual nationals in this situation,
* 4) a) Citizen of T.R. who continued secondary education abroad before 01/02/2013, those who have completed the last three years of their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC (including those who have completed their secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools opened by the Ministry of National Education in a foreign country other than TRNC) can apply for foreign student admission quotas.
* b) Candidates who started their secondary education abroad after 01/02/2013 and completed their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC (including those who completed their secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools in a foreign country other than TRNC) can make an application,

5) Being a TRNC citizen; those who reside in the TRNC and have completed their secondary education (high school) in the TRNC, have GCE AL exam results, and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010, applications will be accepted,

b) Candidates

  1. T.R. citizens who completed all secondary education (high school) in Turkey or the TRNC,

2) TRNC nationals with (except those who have completed their secondary education in TRNC high schools and have GCE AL results and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling and studying at colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010),

* 3) Dual nationals whose first nationality by birth as defined in clause 2 of article a is T.R. (except those who fulfill the conditions in clause a, clause 4)
4) Those who have dual nationality and one of his nationalities is TRNC (except those who have completed their secondary education (high school) in TRNC High Schools and have GCE AL results and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010),
5) with schools in the embassies site in Turkey who get education in foreign high schools in Turkey, T.R. nationals or dual nationals whose first nationality is T.R. by birth as defined in subparagraph No. 2, applications will not be accepted,



  1. The minimum scores and conditions obtained from the following exams are required for application.



Exam or Diploma Type

Success Condition


SAT I Exam

To get at least 1000 total points and at least 500 math points,


ACT (American College Testing)

Getting at least 21 points from Mixed, Mathematics and Scientific Logic,


GCE (General Certificate Examination/ A Level Certificate)

At least 3 A level certificates, one of which is related to the program applied for,


I.B. (International Baccalaureate)

Those who have an International Baccalaureate Diploma and have a diploma grade of at least 28 according to the department to apply,


ABITUR (German Baccalaureate)

Maximum 4 points,



Those who have a diploma and a diploma grade of at least 12/20,


From the TAWJIHI exam held in JORDAN and PALESTINE,

At least 80 points out of 100 of the exam results taken from all courses in Scientific Stream,


BACCALAURATE (Baccalaureat Libanais) made in LEBANON

Those with a diploma score of at least 14/20 in the Scientific Stream,


AL-SAHADA-AL TAHANAWİYYA (Syria, Libya Baccalaureate)

In the Scientific Stream, 180 out of 240 for Engineering and Architecture departments, at least 170 points for other departments,


In the university entrance exam held in the People's Republic of China (GAOKAO)

A minimum score of 480 out of 750 in the score type of the program applied,


Turkish Republics and Turkish and Related Communities Exam (TCS)

At least 50 points,



In the International Science Olympics recognized and participated by TÜBİTAK,

Gold, silver and bronze medalists,



Diplome Debirestan and Pişdaneşgahi (Iran)

High school diploma grade (Diolome Debirestan) average of at least 17/20 and "Pişdaneşgahi" graduation grade in Iran at least 17/20,


Kazakhstan National University Test

Minimum 90 points out of 120,


From the Uan (Ujian Akhir Nasional) Exam held in Indonesia

At least 60 points,



University entrance exams administered by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Centre

Valid points,




  1. High School Diploma: the certified copy of High School Diploma, translated in Turkish, notarized or consulate-approved copy (Students in their last year of high school, should submit their certified documents)
  2. Official transcript: showing all courses and grades and approved by their high school directorate and an approved copy of it translated into Turkish is required.
  3. The original exam report or its approved translation
  4. Photocopy of the identification page of passport
  5. Application fee bank receipt (name of the bank, account number and the fee is specified below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the registration will be online, required documents cannot be submitted via postal service, fax or email.


EVALUATION AND PLACEMENT FEE: One-hundred-Turkish-lira (100,00 TL)

It will be deposited to the account number  1000-04000030  at Halk Bank Kayseri Erciyes University Branch. IBAN NO:  TR95 0001 2001 2410 0004 0000 30 (It will not be returned.)




September 07-18, 2020




  1. Applications will be evaluated by the Commission
  2. Results will be announced at www.kayseri.edu.tr
  3. The evaluation process and placement of applicants are at the discretion of Kayseri University. Kayseri University is permissive to fulfill the quotas. If necessary, additional quotas can be announced. Meeting the application requirements does not guarantee admittance to the University. The applications which do not meet the requirements will not be evaluated. Registrations which do not meet the application requirements will be cancelled.


* Pursuant to the decision of stay of execution issued by the 8th Chamber of the Council of State, based on the authority given to the Executive Board at the Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 21.5.2014, it was arranged according to the decision taken regarding the candidates who can apply at the Higher Education Executive Board dated 16.07.2014.



ONLINE APPLICATION:  http://obp.kayseri.edu.tr



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Amounts of Contribution / Tuition Fees to be paid by foreign students who are placed after their acceptance for the 2020-2021 academic year CLICK 

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